“Yep your Petal Facial Mist and Flower Crown Facial Serum works for me. I’m usually a grease ball by the end of the day to the point where I have to use blotting papers but not today”! Tovah, NYC

“Just have to say I am getting compliments on my skin since I started using your Petal Facial Mist toner!!! Job well done! Thank you!!!” Susana, Washington, D.C.

"The Wanderlust Room & Linen Spray. Omg I love it so much! And so does my staff! So soft and clean. Obsessed!" Molly, Licensed Esthetician, Skin By Molly, Brooklyn NY

The Grooming Oil for men is one of the best skin products I have used in some time. I’ve typically used a number of high-end skin products but find the Grooming Oil to stand alone as a versatile quality product.  The Grooming Oil penetrates deeper than other skincare products I have used without having to use as much as I do when compared to daily lotions. My work calls for me to travel often so one day I am in a desert/tropical climate and the next in an environment with below zero temperatures. In short, it’s one of my most effective weapons to battle against the elements and keep my skin healthy... regardless of where I am in the world.  I highly recommend it." -Ben, Consultant, Washington D.C.

"The Body Tonic Oil is heavenly! It smells amazing and absorbs nicely, without leaving your skin oily. It’s especially soothing in or after a hot bath."

"I've been using the Flower Crown Facial Serum for 3 weeks now, and have noticed a glow and smoother texture to my skin. I use it right after the Petal Facial Mist at night. I love the smell and it feels so luxurious." Charlotte, Designer NYC

"I've have always wanted to have a nice full beard, but really couldn't deal with the inching and scratching and the dryness especially in the hot summer weather. The Grooming Oil was my hero. As soon as I started using it my world changed. My beard looks good, smells good has an amazing shine and most of all it's soothing my skin. I just give a few drops on my brush and brush it in. The great thing is it's not just for facial hair. I use it as body oil and hair oil. No more expensive bottles of cologne. And the sent lasts throughout the day. All I can say is try it! You will love it!" - Koby, Art Director, Brooklyn NY

"The Grooming Oil. My guy loves this product. He's on his third bottle and he uses it after he shaves in the morning and it soothes his skin better than any aftershave lotion because it's an oil." Lauren, Designer NYC

Divine Me Anointing Oil. "There are so many amazing things about this anointing oil that I don't know where to begin. It has this sweet piney scent due to a magickal essential oil blend that includes Palo Santo and Rosewood." Jacque, Entrepreneur, Florida

  "I am an essential oil fanatic.  My absolute new favorite is the Aba Love Body Tonic Body Oil.  Slathering it on my body every morning is the most luxurious part of my day!"  -Gemma Gambee, Creative|Educator, Brooklyn NY